Questa (TV show)

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Genre Game show
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
Distributor NHK

Questa is a Japanese game show broadcast by NHK. It features a host, two teams of five who compete for points, and guest appearances.


Watashi-wa nani[edit]

Watashi-wa nani ("Who am I?") is a part of all Questa games. This part usually take place at the end of the game. One person from each team will be randomly chosen to go up to a table, facing the two teams. The table has a screen facing the teams. This screen will display a noun. The team members take turns giving the person hints on what the noun is, but they cannot say the actual word. Each team is given sixty seconds to try to answer as many questions as possible. The team with the most points wins. Each question is worth ten points.


In Dotchi-Questa ("Which one?"), team members take turns going up to a table. They will be asked a Which One? question. The person must ask a question (other than What is it?) and try to figure out which one it is with only one question. For example, a person may be asked "Pizza, Pasta, Which One?". The person may reply "Does it have a crust?" and depending on the answer, they would have to guess whether it was Pizza or Pasta.


In this part of Questa, usually at the beginning, players will be asked a question, such as "Which is sweeter, A. Sugar. B. Honey?". The player would choose A or B.

Kotaete Questa-San[edit]

In this part a special guest would come to Questa and ask the teams a specific question such as showing the teams videos and asking the teams what people are doing in them. The two teams can ask the host up to five questions. The teams have ten seconds for each member to write their answer. At the end of the ten seconds. If the team asked only one question, the team will receive fifty points per correct answer (for example, if the team asked only one question and all team members had the correct answer, the team would receive 250 points, fifty for all five people). If they ask two questions, they get forty points per each correct answer, if they ask three, they get thirty points, etc. If a team asks five questions, they will get ten points per correct answer.


In Nippon-Zenkoku ("all of Japan"), the teams will be asked a question about anywhere in Japan. The play is the same as in Kotaete Questa-San.


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