Question Object File Format

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Quobject Question Object XML Document
Filename extension.quox, .quiz
Internet media typeapplication/vnd.quobject-quoxdocument[1]
Developed byQuobject Software
Type of formatQuestion object file format
Extended fromXML

Question Object File Format (QUOX) is a file format created by Quobject Software in 2009 for easy exam question exchange. QUOX is used for representing an exam question with text, pictures and MathML in any order together with the answer of the question in a single file. This allows for easy sharing of questions among teachers and quick combination of this files for rapid creation of worksheets, exams and online quizzes.

QUOX files are a proprietary format following the Office Open XML standard and can easily be created with Quobject Designer and managed with Quobject Explorer. Both tools are freeware.

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