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Question and Answers (Russia)
Launched October 1, 2009

The Question and answers (QAA) is a Russian cable television and direct broadcast satellite channel dedicated to game shows, music and casino game shows (only one What? Where? When?). The channel was launched on October 1, 2009.

The channel is analogue TV channels, such as "Challenge" (United Kingdom) and the GSN (United States).

Programming in Russia[edit]


  • Dva Royalya (Russian: Два Рояля) a Russian version The Lyrics Board (date instant replay: 2010–2011) Production: Studio 2V.
  • Ugadai Melodiu (Russian: Угадай Мелодию) a Russian version Name That Tune (date instant replay: 2011–) Production: VID.


  • What? Where? When? (Russian: Что? Где? Когда?) a Russian version Million Dollar Mind Game (date instant replay: 2009–) Production: Igra TV.
  • Svoya Igra (Russian: Своя Игра) a Russian version Jeopardy! (date instant replay: 2009–2010) Production: Studio 2V.
  • Proshche Prostogo (Russian: Проще Простого) a Russian version Hollywood Squares (date instant replay: 2011–) Production: Imart Video.
  • Schastlivyi Sluchay (Russian: Счастливый Случай) a Russian version Trivial Pursuit (date instant replay: 2011–)
  • Brain-Ring (Russian: Брейн-Ринг) (date instant replay: 2009–) Production: Igra TV.


  • Koleso Istorii (Russian: Колесо Истории) (date instant replay: 2011-) Production: Kaskad TV.
  • Sto k odnomu (Russian: Сто к одному) a Russian version Family Feud (date instant replay: 2009–) Production: Studio 2V.
  • Agentstvo Odinokikh Serdec (Russian: Агентство Одиноких Сердец) (date instant replay: 2009–2011) Production: ATV.
  • Detektiv Show (Russian: Детектив Шоу) (date instant replay: 2009–2011) Production: ATV.
  • Poimi Menya (Russian: Пойми меня) (date instant replay: 2009–2011) Production: ATV.

Kids and intelligent[edit]

  • Ustami Mladenca (Russian: Устами Младенца) (date instant replay: 2009–2011) Production: Studio 2V.

Programming in United Kingdom[edit]



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