High Court of Balochistan

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Balochistan High Court
A Corner View of the Balochistan High Court Building, Quetta, Pakistan.jpg
A Corner View of the Balochistan High Court Building
Established December 1st, 1976
Country  Pakistan
Location Quetta, Balochistan (Principal Seat)
Sibi & Turbat (circuit benches)
Composition method Presidential with confirmation of Chief Justice of Pakistan and Governor of Balochistan.
Authorized by Constitution of Pakistan
Decisions are appealed to Supreme Court of Pakistan
Judge term length Till 62 years of age
Number of positions 11
Website Balochistan High Court
Chief Justice
Currently Mr. Justice Mir Muhammad Noor Meskanzai
Since 26-12-2014

The High Court of Balochistan (Urdu: بلوچستان عدالت عالیہ) is the highest judicial institution of Balochistan, Pakistan. The court is formally known as High Court of Balochistan. It is situated at the provincial capital Quetta.

Current composition[edit]

Currently Justice Mir Muhammad Noor Meskanzai is the Chief Justice of the court and Mrs. Justice Tahira Safdar and Mr. Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhail, Mr. Justice Hashim Khan Kakar are sitting Judges.

Mir Ali Dost Bugti was the first judge of Balochistan High Court.

PCO March 25, 1981[edit]

  • Khuda Baksh Mari Did not take oath under Pco was chief justice
  • Zakaullah Lodhi Took oath under PCO become chief justice
  • Abdul Qadeer Choudri Took oath under PCO
  • Mir Hazar Khan Khoso Took oath under PCO

Justice(R) M.A Rasheed also did not take oath under PCO

PCO January 26, 2000[edit]

  • Iftikhar Muhammad Choudri Took oath under PCO was chief justice
  • Javed Iqbal Took oath under PCO
  • Raja Fayaz Ahmed Took oath under PCO
  • Amanullah Khan Yasinzai Took oath under PCO
  • Fazal ur Rehman Took oath under PCO

PCO November 3, 2007[edit]

  • Amanullah Khan Yasinzai take oath under PCO was chief justice
  • Ahmed Khan Lashari take oath under PCO
  • Akhtar Zaman Malghani take oath under PCO
  • Nadir Khan Durani take oath under PCO
  • Mehta Kelash Nath take oath under PCO

List of Retired Judges[edit]

  • Khuda Bakhsh Marri 21-10-1970 25-03-1981
  • Abdul Hayee Qureshi 07-02-1972 23-07-1978
  • M.A Rasheed 08-10-1977 18-09-1978
  • Zakaullah Lodhi 01-12-1976 19-10-1984
  • Mir Hazar Khan Khoso 20-06-1977 29-09-1991
  • Abdul Qadeer Chaudhary 20-06-1977 13-12-1989
  • Muhammad Jaffar Naim 14-05-1981 23-02-1985
  • Muftikhar-ud-Din 22-05-1982 09-03-1990
  • Ajmal Mian 17-03-1980 29-03-1987
  • Munawar Ahmed Mirza 31-03-1985 16-11-1996
  • Nazir Ahmed Bhatti 03-04-1985 07-09-1987
  • Amir-ul-Mulk Mengal 26-03-1986 22-04-1999
  • Iftikhar Muhammad 06-04-1990 04-02-2000


  • Muhammad Nawaz Marri 07-03-1996 07-01-2000
  • Javed Iqbal 07-03-1996 28-04-2000
  • Raja Fayyaz Ahmed 27-01-1997 14-09-2005
  • Amanullah Khan 27-01-1997 5-08-2009
  • Fazal-ur-Rahman 21.06.1999 12-04-2005
  • Ahmed Khan Lashari 06-09-2000 5-08-2009
  • Tariq Mehmood 06-09-2000 16-04-2002
  • Akhtar Zaman 05-09-2002 5-08-2009
  • Nadir Khan 05-09-2002 5-08-2009
  • Kelash Nath 26-11-2004 5-08-2009

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