Quezaltepeque, Chiquimula

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Quezaltepeque (Spanish pronunciation: [kesalteˈpeke]) is a municipality in the Chiquimula department of Guatemala. There are approximately 5,000 inhabitants. The local economy is based on agriculture. Agricultural products include coffee, maize and beans. As of 1993, there was a working telegraph terminal there in the post office.


Quetzaltepēc is Nahuatl for "At the quetzal-feather hill".[citation needed] The British spelled it Quesaltpeque, in the 19th century.[1]


As of 1850, the municipality had an estimated population of 4,000.[1]


Coordinates: 14°38′N 89°27′W / 14.633°N 89.450°W / 14.633; -89.450