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QuickShot I (introduced in 1982)
QuickShot II Turbo

QuickShot is a line of joysticks and other input devices produced by Spectravideo for video game machines and home computers including Atari, Commodore, MSX, Amiga, Amstrad, Nintendo and Sega.

The world's first ergonomic joystick, the QuickShot, was developed and patented by Harry Fox and Peter Law in 1982 (U.S. Patent D271220).

The Quickshot brand moved to Bondwell around 1985, Bondwell later sold the Quickshot brand to Tomai International.

Relatively famous was its Quickshot Maverick joystick, compatible with multiple consoles and home computers. In the late 1990s they expanded their line of products to PC joysticks and mouse.

Various game controller products released by Quickshot

  • Quickshot I
  • Quickshot II
  • Quickshot III
  • Quickshot IV
  • Quickshot V
  • Quickshot VII
  • Quickshot IX
  • Quickshot X
  • Quickshot XII
  • Quickshot XV
  • Quickshot XVI
  • Quickshot Aviator
  • Quickshot Chimera
  • Quickshot Flightgrip
  • Quickshot Galactic Gunfighter
  • Quickshot Intruder
  • Quickshot Maverick
  • Quickshot Python
  • Quickshot Raider
  • Quickshot Scope
  • Quickshot Starfighter
  • Quickshot Warrior
  • Quickshot Devastator
  • Quickshot Wizmaster

During the 1990s the company marketed a handheld game console called the Quickshot Supervision, a UK version of an Asian console designed to compete with the Nintendo Game Boy.