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14 in (6.4 mm) quick-connect studs.

A quick connect fitting is used to provide a fast, make-or-break connection of fluid transfer lines. Also called a quick disconnect or quick release coupling. Operated by hand, quick connect fittings replace threaded or flanged connections, which require wrenches. When equipped with self-sealing valves, quick connect fittings will, upon disconnection, automatically contain any fluid in the line.


There is a large variety of quick connect fittings in the market and they are found in all industries. They are employed many kilometers underwater, in drilling operations, in orbit, for docking spacecraft, and everywhere in between, for a myriad of reasons.


Unit cost varies from a few dollars, for mass-produced compressed air couplings, to a million dollars for large bore couplings used in the ship-to-shore transfer of liquified natural gas.

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