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Quickies usually don't allow much time for proper stimulation, and therefore, not much time for all removal of clothing.

A quickie refers to a brief or spontaneous episode of sexual activity, with the act finishing in a very short amount of time.

Generally, the term presupposes that foreplay is skipped and that at least one of the partners climaxes. A quickie may involve intercourse or be limited to manual or oral sex.[1] A quickie between a heterosexual couple may generally satisfy only the man's desire,[1] but, with some form of stimulation of the vulva, can be satisfactory for a woman as well. It, however, may not provide a woman enough time to lubricate naturally, and so the use of an artificial water-based lubricant may be required.[2] Quickies may be a solution to unequal sexual desire in a relationship, but if they become the only form of sex, the relationship may suffer.[1] To avoid discovery, a quickie may be a necessity for public sex. Being hidden in Public or in private, partners may dress and/or choose sex positions to reduce time consumption of undressing. Like the female part wearing wide skirts or front closure dresses and open crotch lingerie, thongs to be pushed aside, bodysuits or nothing underneath. The viennese oyster or spooning positions for example can work around the constrictions of tights with boots. Author and psychologist Joel Block has suggested that the quickie is a necessary part of a relationship, and suggests practical ways for both partners to enjoy the experience.[3]


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