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Quickie Convenience Stores (in French, Dépanneurs Quickie) is a chain of convenience stores based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, founded in 1973. In October 2012, it had 50 stores in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, approximately 300 store employees, and about 20 full-time personnel. In addition to standard convenience stores items, many Quickie stores provide bank machines, branded gasoline, complete postal services, first run videos and franchised food products.[1]

Quickie acquired the Ottawa-area stores of 7-Eleven in 2009. [2]

In a "flash mob robbery", on July 16, 2011, just before midnight, a gang of 43 youths raided and ransacked a Quickie store at 255 Parkdale Ave. in the west end of Ottawa late at night. The store lost about $800.[3]

In June 2012, Quickie won Hydro Ottawa’s Companies for Conservation award for introducing innovative electricity saving solutions. Quickie implemented a new technology called Freeaire, which takes advantage of cool outside air for refrigeration, and cut its electricity costs for walk-in refrigerators by 80%. The project was successful, and Quickie plans to extend the project to other locations in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Quickie also invested in lighting retrofits, such as exterior LED lighting under gas station canopies. These energy-efficient upgrades saved the stores on average 50% of electricity costs. [4]


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