Quicksand Memory EP

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Quicksand Memory EP
EP by Ulrich Schnauss
Released May 22, 2007
Genre Indietronica
Ambient techno
Label City Centre Offices/Domino
Producer Ulrich Schnauss
Ulrich Schnauss chronology
A Strangely Isolated Place
(2003)A Strangely Isolated Place2003
Quicksand Memory EP

Quicksand Memory is an EP album by Ulrich Schnauss, released May 22, 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Look At The Sky (Rob McVey Version)" – 5:45
  2. "Medusa (Edit)" – 4:36
  3. "Gone Forever (Robin Guthrie Version)" – 5:45
  4. "On My Own (Robin Guthrie Version)" – 6:56