Quicksilver (instrumental)

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Song by Pink Floyd
from the album Soundtrack from the Film More
PublishedLupus Music Co. Ltd
Released13 June 1969 (UK)
9 August 1969 (US)
RecordedMarch 1969
LabelEMI Columbia (UK)
Tower (US)
Songwriter(s)Roger Waters, Richard Wright, David Gilmour, Nick Mason
Producer(s)Pink Floyd
Soundtrack from the Film More track listing

"Quicksilver" is an avant-garde instrumental by Pink Floyd from their album Soundtrack from the Film More.[1][2]


It appeared in shortened form in the live suite The Man and The Journey, where it was entitled "Sleep". The studio album version of the piece runs 7 minutes 13 seconds, about 3 minutes longer than The Man and The Journey version. The song consists of eerie sound effects psychedelics and other musique concrète techniques, hallmarks of the early Pink Floyd sound. The song's title comes from the alternative name for the element Mercury, with which the film's two main characters are playing at the time.



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