Quiero Ser

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Quiero Ser
Studio album by Menudo
Released 1981.
Recorded 1980/ 1981.
Genre Rock'n Roll, Latin Rock, Latin Pop, Ballad, Romantic music.
Label PADOSA/ RCA Victor
Menudo chronology
Quiero Ser
Por Amor
(1982)Por Amor1982

Quiero Ser (1981) is Menudo's ninth Spanish album and the second one released in 1981 featuring Ricky Meléndez, René Farrait, Johnny Lozada, Xavier Serbiá and Miguel Cancel. With this album, their popularity started rising all over Latin America.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Mi Banda Toca Rock - Singer: Johnny Lozada
  2. Quiero Ser - Singer: René Farrait
  3. Rock En La TV - Singer: Xavier Serbiá and Miguel Cancel
  4. Bailemos En El Mar - Singer: Miguel Cancel
  5. Claridad - Singer: All the group
  6. Enamorados Del Amor - Singer: Johnny Lozada
  7. Súbete a Mi Moto (*) - Singer: René Farrait
  8. Mejor - Singer: All the group
  9. Sólo Tú, Sólo Yo - Singer: All the group
  10. Me Voy A Enamoriscar - Singer: Miguel Cancel

(*) in Dominican Republic and Mexico: "Súbete a Mi Motora",
in Puerto Rico, Sube a mi Motora,[1] in Brasil (Long Play and Tape "Menudo Mania": "Sobe em Minha Moto", sung in Brazilian Portuguese by Ricky Meléndez.