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Quiet Storm Records is a Hawaii-based record label specializing in Hawaiian music.


The label was formed by John and Debra Iervolino in 1992.[1] John Iervolino serves as president.[2] The company has won a Na Hoku Hanohano Award.[2] In 2001, Quiet Storm was not only the top independent Hawaiian label, but outpaced the major labels in the Hawiian genre.[3] In 2003, Quiet Storm's sales surpassed the $1 million level,[4] although its position within the Hawaiian music market had declined to 4th.[5] The company has seen strong sales in Japan.[1] Aside from music recording and production, the company has also set up a distribution division that includes music, books, and DVDs produced by other entities.[1] A declining market for CDs, and accounts-receivable defaults are among the challenges faced by Quiet Storm.[1]


The label has become known for its compilation CDs, which intermingle artists which are only locally known with recordings, leased from major labels, of well-known artists.[6] They have also found success with their own signed artists, including EA.[5]

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