Quiet Days in Hollywood

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Quiet Days in Hollywood
Quiet Days in Hollywood.jpg
Directed by Josef Rusnak
Produced by Jörg Bundschuh
Written by Robert G. Brown
Josef Rusnak
Starring Hilary Swank
Chad Lowe
Natasha Gregson Wagner
Music by Harald Kloser
Cinematography Dietrich Lohmann
Edited by Christopher Koefoed
Distributed by Kick Film
Release dates
July 17, 1997
Running time
95 minutes
Country Germany
Language English

Quiet Days in Hollywood (also known as The Way We Are) is a 1997 German drama film written by Robert G. Brown and Josef Rusnak. Rusnak also directed. The movie features Hilary Swank, Chad Lowe, and Natasha Gregson Wagner.


The plot features a series of interlocking stories. Each vignette is introduced with a character that had sex with someone in the previous segment. The movie opens with a seventeen-year-old prostitute, Lolita (Hilary Swank) who hangs around outside movie premiere with another teen prostitute in the hopes of getting a picture of her idol, movie star Peter Blaine (Peter Dobson). After her friend is forcibly dragged off by a jealous boyfriend, Lolita wanders around by herself in the streets of Los Angeles. Then she ends up performing a sexual favor for a man who ends up knocking her unconscious.

The man, a young African American named Angel, is engaged in questionable criminal activities. He later ends up trying to flee Los Angeles after he makes a major mistake during a drug deal. He takes Julie, a young waitress (Meta Golding), with him. After they have sex in a stolen car while driving through a car wash, Julie rethinks her plans to escape with Angel. After she notices that a car filled with men has been shadowing them, she runs out of the car. Angel is killed by the men.

Sometime later, Julie is working in an upscale restaurant as a waitress. She waits on Richard (Chad Lowe) who ends up sexually assaulting her in the men's room. In the next vignette, Richard has a tryst with Kathy (Natasha Gregson Wagner), his boss's wife. Kathy has a non-exclusive relationship with her husband, Bobby (Bill Cusack), who has a girlfriend on the side. Bobby is sexually propositioned by Patrick (Stephen Mailer), a sexually aggressive and drug addicted gay man, who is the closeted Blaine's boyfriend. The last vignette features a grief-stricken Blaine seeking sexual favors and companionship from Lolita, who is still sporting a bruise from her encounter with Angel.

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