Quiet in Heaven/Song of Liberty

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"Quiet in Heaven"
"Song of Liberty"
Faith No Man Song of Liberty.jpg
Single by Faith No Man
Released 1983
Format Vinyl
Recorded 1982 at Dangerous Rhythm
Genre Post-punk
Length 9:23
Label Ministry of Propaganda FNM1
Songwriter(s) Mike Morris
Producer(s) Matt Wallace
Faith No More singles chronology
"Quiet in Heaven" / "Song of Liberty"
"We Care a Lot"
"Quiet in Heaven" / "Song of Liberty"
"We Care a Lot"

"Quiet in Heaven"/"Song of Liberty" is a double A-side single, and is the only official release, by Faith No Man (stylised as Faith•No Man•), before the majority of their members quit and formed Faith No More. The songs have not appeared in any of the band's compilation albums and have not been performed live since Mike Morris left the band.


The songs were recorded in Matt Wallace's parents' garage, where Wallace had set up and been running a recording studio, while the band was still under the name of 'Sharp Young Men'[1] with Mike Morris, William Gould, Mike Bordin and Wade Worthington, who left shortly after. They changed their name to Faith No Man for the release of the single, which featured two of the three songs recorded in Wallace's garage, and hired Roddy Bottum to replace Wade. Bottum, Gould and Bordin quit the band shortly after and formed Faith No More without any constant guitarists or vocalists until they eventually settled on Chuck Mosley and Jim Martin.[2]

The single has been long out of print, making it very difficult to find.[3] The artwork, which was credited to Morris, features amongst other things an edited picture of Adolf Hitler wearing a tutu on the A-side of the disc[1]

Critical reception[edit]

AllMusic's Bradley Torreano gave the release a rating of three stars out of five describing Morris's vocals as "actually really good" and calls the lyrical content "typical angry San Francisco punk topics: they hate the government, they hate their girlfriends, and they're terribly unsatisfied". Torreano felt that the record sounded better than Faith No More's début, We Care a Lot, describing it as a "solid post-punk/pre-goth single in general" and comparing Morris' vocals to Public Image Ltd's John Lydon.[3]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Mike Morris.

  1. "Quiet in Heaven" – 5:31
  2. "Song of Liberty" – 3:52



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