Quimbaya, Quindío

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Quimbaya, Quindío
Municipality and town
Flag of Quimbaya, Quindío
Official seal of Quimbaya, Quindío
Location of the municipality and town of Quimbaya, Quindío in the Quindío Department of Colombia.
Location of the municipality and town of Quimbaya, Quindío in the Quindío Department of Colombia.
Country Colombia
DepartmentQuindío Department
Time zoneUTC-5 (Colombia Standard Time)

Quimbaya is a town and municipality in the western part of the department of Quindío, Colombia. It is 20 km northwest of the departmental capital Armenia. The name of the city derives from the name of the Precolumbian culture that inhabited the area, the Quimbaya civilization.

Quimbaya is bounded to the north and west by the Valle del Cauca Department, with La Vieja River forming the western limit. To the south, the Roble River forms the limit with the municipalities of Montenegro and Circasia. The eastern boundary is with the municipality of Filandia.

Coffee plantations in the south of Quimbaya.

Quimbaya was founded in 1914 by Juan de J. Buitrago, and became a municipality in 1922. In 2005 it had an estimated population of 43,700, of which 31,300 live in the main urban zone.

The National Agricultural and livestock Park (Spanish: El Parque Natural De La Cultura Agropecuaria), PANACA, is located 7 km west of the main township. The 47-hectare park contains a variety of interactive exhibits, including more than 200 species of animals. Along with the National Coffee Park in Montenegro, the theme park is one of major tourist attractions of the department.

Paper lanterns in Quimbaya, Quindío candlelight festival

The most important cultural event is the Candles and Lanterns Festival (full name in Spanish: Fiesta Nacional del Concurso de Alumbrados con Velas y Faroles), which began in 1982 and is held each year on 7 and 8 December (Día de las Velitas). Each of the barrios in the township compete to produce the most spectacular lighting arrangements, and many visitors come from throughout Colombia to admire the displays. The festival is held in honor of the Catholic holy day, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, on 8 December.

Juan and Carolina Castaneda, immigrant parents of Libertarian Activist and Young Americans for Liberty National Staffer Matthew Castaneda, were born and raised in Quimbaya.

Coordinates: 4°38′N 75°45′W / 4.633°N 75.750°W / 4.633; -75.750