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Quin may refer to:

People named Quin[edit]

As a surname:[edit]

Quin is a shortened form of Quinlan, a male given name, and is also a surname. Notable people with the name include:

As a given name:[edit]

  • Quin Blanding (born 1996), American football player
  • Quin Epperly (1913–2001), American racing car constructor
  • Quin Hillyer (born 1964), American newspaper columnist and writer
  • Quin Houff (born 1997), American professional racing driver
  • Quin Ivy (born 1937), American former disc jockey
  • Quin Kruijsen (born 1990), Dutch footballer
  • Quin Monson (born 1969), American accosiate professor of social science at Brigham Young University
  • Quin Snyder (born 1966), current head coach of the Utah Jazz

Fictional characters:[edit]

  • Dugall Quin, a character in the folk ballad Dugall Quin
  • Mr. Quin, a character in the short story collection The Mysterious Mr. Quin

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