Quinan, Nova Scotia

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Quinan, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Quinan, Nova Scotia
Quinan in Nova Scotia

Quinan, (located on Highway 308) is a small French Acadian village in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, about 20 minutes inland from the town of Yarmouth and has approximately 320 inhabitants. This village is named after Father John J. Quinan, of Irish descent, who served as parish priest from 1860 - 1867. It used to be called "The Forks", in plural, because the Tusket River, which passes through the village stretches out in three branches, the Upper Tusket River, the Lower Tusket River and the Quinan River.

Every year, during the Labour Day weekend in September, the community welcomes people from everywhere for their Annual Labour Day Picnic. In 2008, Quinan celebrated its 125th Annual Picnic. There are activities like bingo, rose tables and rides.

Each Spring, the community hosts a Wild Game Evening that includes a supper and auction that attracts more people than can be served.

Quinan is well known for its fishing and hunting places. Many famous people have visited the village, including Babe Ruth in the fall of 1935.

In the past decade, Quinan has been known for having widespread flooding. April 3, 2003, the first flood in more than forty years occurred. Recently, November 8–12, 2010, Quinan, yet again, had huge flooding This was due to an unusual storm system that poured more than 300mm of rain in a short time period.

Common family names in Quinan are Muise, Frontain/Frotten/Fraughton, Doucette/Doucet, Blanchard, Dulong, Melanson, Vacon, Bones and Jacquard.

Coordinates: 43°55′11.4″N 65°49′43.2″W / 43.919833°N 65.828667°W / 43.919833; -65.828667