Quinault Cultural Center and Museum

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Quinault Cultural Center and Museum
Quinault Museum interior.jpg
Quinault Cultural Center and Museum is located in Washington (state)
Quinault Cultural Center and Museum
Location within Washington (state)
Establishedc. 2000
Location807 5th Avenue, Taholah, Washington
Coordinates47°20′30″N 124°17′18″W / 47.3416°N 124.2882°W / 47.3416; -124.2882Coordinates: 47°20′30″N 124°17′18″W / 47.3416°N 124.2882°W / 47.3416; -124.2882
CollectionsBaskets, carvings, tribal library, and photographic archive[1]
CuratorLelani Chubby[2]
OwnerQuinault Indian Nation

The Quinault Cultural Center and Museum is a museum of culture in Taholah, Washington, owned and funded by the Quinault Indian Nation.[3] It contains artifacts, arts, and crafts of the Quinault, housed in a converted retail building.[4]: 735 [5]: 54  Some of the art forms have been influenced by Polynesian cultural motifs, brought home by World War II veterans.[6]

The museum received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in 2012 to conduct research, publish a guidebook, and create a mobile museum exhibit on the tribe's ethnobotanical heritage.[7]

In 2013, the Cultural Center hosted workshops on paddle- and drum-making for thousands of visitors to the Tribal Canoe Journeys.[8]


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