Quinchao Island

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Quinchao Island
Native name: Isla Quinchao
Church of Quinchao
Isla Quinchao.png
Islands around Quinchao
Coordinates 42°28′59″S 73°28′59″W / 42.483°S 73.483°W / -42.483; -73.483Coordinates: 42°28′59″S 73°28′59″W / 42.483°S 73.483°W / -42.483; -73.483
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Area 135 km2 (52 sq mi)
Region Los Ríos
Province Chiloé Province
Commune Quinchao, Curaco de Vélez
Population 12,000
Additional information
NGA UFI -898433

Quinchao Island is an island in Chiloé Province, Chile, off the east coast of Chiloé Island. It includes the communes of Quinchao and Curaco de Vélez. Main towns are Achao and Curaco de Vélez. Quinchao Island is separated from Chiloé Island by Dalcahue Channel in the northwest of the island.