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Quinn Marston
Quinn Marston by Robert H. Shaw 1.jpg
Photo by Robert H. Shaw
Background information
Origin New York City, USA[1]
Genres Indie folk[2]
Indie punk[3]
Indie rock[4]
Alt soul[2]
Rootsy pop[2]
Years active 2009-present
Labels Ernest Jenning[5]
Producer: Tom Beaujour[6]
Website quinnmarston.net
Members Quinn Marston
Picture of three people
In 1996, Quinn Marston was age eight, and she had a chance to meet her idol Gwen Stefani and musician Tony Kanal of the group No Doubt in San Francisco.

Quinn Marston is an American indie folk singer-songwriter based in New York City. Her music has been featured on TV shows such as One Tree Hill,[7][8] Ghost Whisperer,[9] and The Gates.[9][10] She performs regularly at various New York City clubs including the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn[11][12] and The National Underground in Manhattan.[13] Her music has been compared to bands such as The Breeders,[14] Belly,[14] The Cure,[3] Liz Phair,[15] Karen O.,[15] a "punkified" Kimya Dawson,[3] and Connie Converse.[15] In 2009, she signed a record deal with Jersey City-based indie label Ernest Jenning.[5] She is the daughter of public service advertising director Ginna Marston and the granddaughter of advertising copywriter Frederick D. Sulcer.

Music reviews[edit]

Music reviewers have described Marston's music as "instantly catchy, energetic pop rock tunes,"[14] "upbeat,"[16] and "crunchy."[17] Guitar World editor Brad Tolinski described Marston's lyrics as "unique" and that she has "something to say" which is "worth listening to."[18] My Old Kentucky Blog wrote her music has "ragged urgency."[18][19] Her vocals have been described as "over-enunciated,"[20] "understated,"[21] as having a "shy slur to sexy shout"[15] with an "endearing loneliness"[3] and a "quirky confidence."[22] Another commented:

Another reviewer wrote that the "title track spins and jams with ferocity that doesn’t take away from Marston’s melodic quality."[3] Another described her lyrics as "sleepily whimsical poems"[23] while another described them as "quirky and charming."[24]


  • Can You Hear Me See Me Now?, released October 2010, Ernest Jenning (label)[5][25][26]


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