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This is a list of characters featured in MTV's animated series Daria (1997–2002).


  • Daria Morgendorffer (first appearance: Episode #1, "Esteemsters"). Daria is voiced by Tracy Grandstaff. She is an unfashionably dressed, highly intellectual, entirely pessimistic about life altogether, cynical, and sarcastic teenage girl who is portrayed as an icon of sanity in an insane household in an equally insane upper middle class suburb. [1]
  • Jane Lane (first appearance: Episode #1, "Esteemsters"). Jane is voiced by Wendy Hoopes. Daria's artistic best friend and fellow outcast, as well as the youngest of the five Lane siblings.[2][3]
  • Quinn Morgendorffer (first appearance: Episode #1, "Esteemsters"). Quinn is voiced by Wendy Hoopes. Daria's shallow, materialistic and vain younger sister and school diva.[4] She is a member of Lawndale High School's Fashion Club. [5]
  • Helen Morgendorffer (first appearance: Episode #1, "Esteemsters"). Helen is voiced by Wendy Hoopes. Daria and Quinn's mother, a workaholic corporate attorney and the family's principal wage earner.
  • Jake Morgendorffer (first appearance: Episode #1, "Esteemsters"). Jake is voiced by Julián Rebolledo. Daria and Quinn's neurotic, long-suffering, but well-meaning father.



  • Trent Lane (first appearance: Episode #1.02, "The Invitation") — Jane's older brother by five years, the second youngest child in the family, and the only other Lane still permanently residing in the Lane household. He plays in a band called Mystik Spiral and[3] plays lead guitar in his band. He was also Daria's romantic interest until "Jane's Addition"."[3]
  • Andrea (first appearance: Episode #1.01, "Esteemsters") — The Lawndale High token goth and has a darkly nihilistic personality. Andrea was voiced by Susie Lewis Lynn (seasons 1-3) and Janie Mertz (seasons 4 & 5).
  • Brittany Taylor (first appearance: Episode #101, "Esteemsters") — Lawndale High's head cheerleader and girlfriend to Kevin. Brittany was voiced by Janie Mertz. [3]
  • Jodie Landon (first appearance: Episode #102, "The Invitation") — One of the few African-American students at Lawndale High and is romantically linked to "Mack". Jodie was voiced by Jessica Cydnee Jackson.
  • Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer, III (first appearance: Episode #102, "The Invitation") — An obnoxious flirt with curly red hair and freckles. Charles was voiced by Marc Thompson (season 1) and Geoffrey Arend (seasons 2-5).
  • Kevin Thompson (first appearance: Episode #.101, "Esteemsters") — The Lawndale High football team's quarterback and boyfriend to Brittany. Kevin was voiced by Marc Thompson.
  • Michael "Mack" Jordan MacKenzie (first appearance: Episode #102, "The Invitation") — Jodie's boyfriend and the Lawndale High football team's captain. Mack was voiced by Delon Ferdinand (early season 1), Paul Williams (remainder of season 1 and season 2), Kevin Daniels (season 3), and Amir Williams (seasons 4-5).
  • Joey, Jeffy and Jamie (collectively known as "The Three J's") are three nearly-interchangeable high school students and members of the school's football team. Joey was voiced by Geoffrey Arend in "The Invitation" and Steven Huppert for the remainder of the series, Jeff by Tim Novikoff, and Jamie by Marc Thompson.

The Fashion Club[6]

  • Sandi Griffin (first appearance: Episode #101, "Esteemsters") — The club president. She was voiced by Janie Mertz.
  • Stacy Rowe (first appearance: Episode #101, "Esteemsters") — The secretary of the club. She was voiced by Jessica Zaino for the first half of Season 1 and Sarah Drew for the remainder of the series run.
  • Tiffany Blum-Deckler (first appearance: Episode #101, "Esteemsters") — The sycophant of the club. Tiffany was voiced by Ashley Albert.

Lawndale High faculty

  • Ms. Janet Barch (first appearance: Episode #1.07 "The Lab Brat") — Science teacher. Ms. Barch is voiced by Ashley Albert.
  • Mrs. Diane Bennett (first appearance: Episode #105 "Malled") — Economics teacher. Mrs. Bennett is voiced by Amy Bennett.
  • Ms. Claire Defoe (first appearance: Episode #102 "The Invitation") — Art teacher. Ms. Defoe is voiced by Nicole Carin in seasons one and two and Danielle Carin for the remainder of the series.
  • Mr. Anthony DeMartino (first appearance: Episode #101 "Esteemsters") — History teacher. Anthony DeMartino is voiced by Marc Thompson.
  • Ms. Angela Li (first appearance: Episode #101 "Esteemsters") — School principal. Ms. Li is voiced by Nora Laudani.
  • Mr. Timothy O'Neill (first appearance: Episode #1.01 "Esteemsters") — English teacher. Mr. O'Neill is voiced by Marc Thompson.
  • Ms. Margaret Manson (first appearance: Episode #101 "Esteemsters") — School psychologist. She only has one speaking role, in Episode #101 ("Esteemsters"), in which she declares Daria has self-esteem issues. Ms. Manson is voiced by Jessica Zaino.


The Lane Family

  • Vincent Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, "Lane Miserables") — Jane's father.
  • Amanda Lane (first appearance, non-speaking: Episode #201, "Arts N Crass") — Jane's mother.
  • Wind Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, "Lane Miserables") — Jane's eldest brother.
  • Summer Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, "Lane Miserables") — Jane and Trent's older sister.
  • Penny Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, "Lane Miserables") — Jane and Trent's older sister.
  • Courtney Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, "Lane Miserables") — Summer's runaway daughter.
  • Adrian Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, "Lane Miserables") — Summer's runaway son.

Other insignificant members of the Lane extended family that are seen in Episode #112 ("The Teachings of Don Jake") include Aunt Bernice, Uncle Max (who is constantly drunk and likes Trent for being a loser), and a verbally abusive, unnamed grandmother in a wheelchair.

Mystik Spiral

  • Jesse Moreno – Second guitarist (although some images show him playing bass), and occasionally sings backing vocals. He first appeared in episode #111 ("Road Worrier") and was immediately revealed to be a man of significantly few words. Jesse was voiced by Tom Borrillo (voice actor alias Willy Schwenz).
  • Nick CampbellBass guitarist (although some images show him playing guitar). He is the most low-profile member of the group.
  • Max TylerDrummer. Usually only seen behind his drum kit, he is the most aggressive member of the band. Max was voiced by Wass Stevens.


  • Tom Sloane (first appearance: Episode #3.13, "Jane's Addition") — During Season Three, he first appears as Jane's boyfriend and later becomes Daria's boyfriend.[7] Tom continued as Daria's boyfriend throughout the final season, after the relationship with Jane dissolved at the end of season 4. In the series finale Is it College Yet? Daria unilaterally breaks up with Tom, but the two promise to remain friends. Tom was voiced by Russell Hankin.
  • Rita Barksdale (first appearance: Episode #2.04, "I Don't") — Helen's older sister. She appeared in two episodes: "I Don't" (#204) and "Aunt Nauseam" (#510).
  • Amy Barksdale (first appearance: Episode #204, "I Don't") — Helen's youngest sister. She appeared in three episodes: "I Don't" (#204), "Through a Lens Darkly" (#302), and "Aunt Nauseam" (#510).
  • Erin Chambers (first appearance: Episode #204, "I Don't") — Rita's daughter. She appeared in two episodes: "I Don't" (#204) and "Aunt Nauseam" (#510).
  • Brian Danielson (only appearance: Episode #204, "I Don't") — Erin's husband. He appeared in two episodes: "I Don't" (#204) and "Aunt Nauseam" (#510).
  • Coyote Yeager (only appearance: Episode #205, "That Was Then, This Is Dumb") — One of Helen and Jake's old friends and Willow's wife.
  • Ethan Yeager (only appearance: Episode #205, "That Was Then, This Is Dumb") — Son of Willow and Coyote.
  • Willow Yeager (only appearance: Episode #205, "That Was Then, This Is Dumb") — One of Helen and Jake's old friends and Coyote's husband.
  • Ted DeWitt-Clinton (first appearance: Episode #207, "The New Kid") — A student at Lawndale High who began attending after convincing his parents (Leslie DeWitt and Grant Clinton) to allow him to experience a non-home-schooled education. Ted was voiced by Sky Berdahl. He appeared in two other episodes: #403 ("A Tree Grows in Lawndale") and #406 ("I Loathe a Parade").
  • Mrs. Johanssen (first appearance: Episode #104, "Café Disaffecto") — A local, morbidly obese Lawndale resident. Mrs. Johannsen was voiced by Amy Bennett. Other appearances: #205 ("That Was Then, This Is Dumb"), #302 ("The Old and the Beautiful"), #408 ("Psycho Therapy") and #409 ("Mart of Darkness").
  • Monique (first appearance: Episode #2.12, "Pierce Me") — Trent's on-again off-again girlfriend with an affinity for piercings. She also appeared in Episode #308 ("Lane Miserables").
  • Artie (first appearance: Episode 101, "Esteemsters") — Young local pizza-parlor employee and self-proclaimed alien abductee. Other appearances: #311 ("The Lawndale File") and #403 ("A Tree Grows in Lawndale").
  • Dr. Shar (only appearance: Episode #109, "Too Cute") — A cosmetic surgeon.
  • Brooke (only appearance: Episode #109, "Too Cute") — A student in Lawndale High that received a nose job from Dr. Shar which increases her popularity.
  • Eric Schrecter (first appearance: Episode #212, "Pierce Me") — Helen's domineering colleague. A fast-talking hustler of a businessman, Eric is only seen three times, but is referred to far more frequently; whenever Helen is on the phone, it is usually with Eric. Eric was voiced by Evan Farmer.
  • Robert (first appearance: Episode #207, "The New Kid"): A dimwitted, stiff, exceedingly polite boy used repeatedly as a sort of "decoy date". Robert was voiced by Evan Farmer.
  • Tommy Sherman (only appearance: Episode #113, "The Misery Chick") — An ex-student of Lawndale High and former star quarterback of the football team. Tommy Sherman was voiced by Ken Schatz.
  • Tad and Tricia Gupty (first appearance: Episode #108, "Pinch Sitter") — The two Gupty children are portrayed as mindless puppets and Jane and Daria manage to teach them to think for themselves during a babysitting gig. Lester and Lauren Gupty made their first appearance in Episode #105: "Malled". Tricia Gupty was voiced by actress Sarah Drew and Tad Gupty is voiced by Miles Purinton in "I Loathe a Parade".
  • David Sorenson (only appearance: Is It Fall Yet?) — Quinn's summer tutor and first and only truly romantic interest shown. David was voiced by American talk-show host Carson Daly.
  • Daniel Dotson (only appearance: Is It Fall Yet?) — Jane's art camp teacher. Daniel was voiced by rock musician Dave Grohl.
  • Alison (only appearance: Is It Fall Yet?) — Jane's temporary friend. Alison's appearance was modeled on, and voiced by, indie rock singer Bif Naked.
  • Heather (only appearance: Episode #103) -- When Daria and her family visit Jake's college, Heather serves as their tour guide.
  • Lindy (only appearance: Is It College Yet?) — Quinn's temporary colleague and consequential friend. Lindy was voiced by Jessica Hardin.
  • Link (only appearance: Is It Fall Yet?) — An unwilling participant in the self-examination camp.
  • Nathan (only appearance: episode #509)-A local teenage boy with an affection for dressing in 1940s-style clothing.
  • Val (only appearance: Episode #305: "The Lost Girls") An over-the-top, name-dropping fashionista, editor of Val Magazine, who visits Lawndale High after Daria wins an essay contest. Val is voiced by Stacy Brass.
  • Chris and Sam Griffin (first appearance: Episode #208, "Gifted") — Sandi's younger brothers.


  • Cupid (only appearance: "Depth Takes a Holiday") — The spirit of Valentine's Day, taking the appearance of a large man with wings wearing a toga. He has the ability to inspire affection in anyone.
  • St. Patrick's Day (only appearance: "Depth Takes a Holiday") — St. Patrick's Day is a man dressed all in green who speaks with an Irish accent.
  • Christmas (only appearance: "Depth Takes a Holiday") — A native of Holiday Island, and one of the most popular students at Holiday Island High School.
  • Halloween (only appearance: "Depth Takes a Holiday") — The spirit of Halloween, who leaves her home with Christmas and Guy Fawkes Day to form a band. Her voice artist was Danielle Carin.
  • Guy Fawkes Day (only appearance: "Depth Takes a Holiday") — The spirit of Guy Fawkes Day, who wears black leather and spouts off stereotypical British phrases..


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