Quintessence (Finnish band)

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Tuomo Prättälä

Quintessence is a Finnish jazz-band, whose first record, White Light (EP) was released in 2001.

The band's music is described as combination of neo soul, jazz, and funk music. The band has toured in Estonia, Norway and the Netherlands. Their record company is Texicalli.


  • Emma Salokoski - Vocals
  • Tuomo Prättälä - Keyboards, Vocals
  • Aki Haarala - Guitar
  • Verneri Pohjola - Trumpet
  • Mikko Kaakkuriniemi - Drums
  • Heikki Laine - Bass


  • White Light (EP, 2001)
  • Raindrops (single, 2002)
  • Talk Less Listen More (2002)
  • Think We Should (single, 2004)
  • 5 am, (2004)

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