Quintin Jardine

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Quintin Jardine
Quintin Jardine in L'Escala 2006.jpg
Born 1945
Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Occupation Novelist, Crime fiction
Period 1993 - present
Genre Crime fiction
Notable works Bob Skinner series, Oz Blackstone series, Primavera Blackstone series.

Quintin Jardine (born 1945) is a Scottish author of three series of crime novels, featuring the fictional characters Bob Skinner, Oz Blackstone, and Primavera Blackstone.[1]

Bob Skinner series[edit]

Jardine has written 26 novels featuring senior Edinburgh policeman Bob Skinner:

  1. Skinner's Rules (1993)[citation needed]
  2. Skinner's Festival (1994)[citation needed]
  3. Skinner's Trail (1994)[citation needed]
  4. Skinner's Round (1995)[citation needed]
  5. Skinner's Ordeal (1996)[citation needed]
  6. Skinner's Mission (1997)[citation needed]
  7. Skinner's Ghosts (1998)[citation needed]
  8. Murmuring the Judges (1998)[citation needed]
  9. Gallery Whispers (1999)[citation needed]
  10. Thursday Legends (2000)[citation needed]
  11. Autographs in the Rain (2001)[citation needed]
  12. Head Shot (2002)[citation needed]
  13. Fallen Gods (2003)[citation needed]
  14. Stay of Execution (2004)[citation needed]
  15. Lethal Intent (2005)[citation needed]
  16. Dead and Buried (2006)[citation needed]
  17. Death's Door (2007)[citation needed]
  18. Aftershock (2008)[citation needed]
  19. Fatal Last Words (2009)[citation needed]
  20. A Rush of Blood (2010)[citation needed]
  21. Grievous Angel (2011)[citation needed]
  22. Funeral Note (2012)[citation needed]
  23. Pray for the Dying (2013)[citation needed]
  24. Hour of Darkness (2014)[citation needed]
  25. The Last Resort (2015)[citation needed]
  26. Private Investigations (2016)
  27. Game Over (2017)[2]

Oz Blackstone series[edit]

Novels featuring Oz Blackstone.

  1. Blackstone's Pursuits (1996)[citation needed]
  2. A Coffin for Two (1997)[citation needed]
  3. Wearing Purple (1999)[citation needed]
  4. Screen Savers (2000)[citation needed]
  5. On Honeymoon with Death (2001)[citation needed]
  6. Poisoned Cherries (2002)[citation needed]
  7. Unnatural Justice (2003)[citation needed]
  8. Alarm Call (2004)[citation needed]
  9. For the Death of Me (2005)[citation needed]

Primavera Blackstone series[edit]

Novels featuring Primavera Blackstone:

  1. Inhuman Remains (2009)[citation needed]
  2. Blood Red (2010)[citation needed]
  3. As Easy As Murder (2012)[citation needed]
  4. Deadly Business (2013)[citation needed]
  5. As Serious as Death (2013)

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