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The Quintom scenario (derived from the words quintessence and phantom, as in phantom energy) is a hypothetical scenario involving dark energy.

In this scenario, the equation of state crosses[how?] a boundary[clarification needed] value for the cosmological constant (). The crossing can occur for increasing or decreasing values[clarification needed].

A no-go theorem[according to whom?][1] shows that this scenario requires at least two degrees of freedom for dark energy models[clarification needed].

If this scenario exists[clarification needed], it may indicate how the universe avoids[clarification needed] Big Bangs[clarification needed], Big Rips, and other time-like singularities[clarification needed].

The Quintom Scenario was applied[how?][according to whom?] in 2008 to a model[which?] of inflationary cosmology without a Big Bang singularity. It was also applied[according to whom?][how?] in 2007 to a Big Bounce model of the universe.

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