Quintus Cervidius Scaevola

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Quintus Cervidius Scaevola (fl. 2nd century AD) was a Roman jurist.


His date of birth and death is unknown.[1]

He belonged to the knightly class and was a member of the Consilium principis of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

He was also a legal advisor to Marcus Aurelius.


He wrote numerous books.[2]

  • Digesta
  • Quaestiones
  • Responso

These works were collections of terse, precise judgments on various legal issues.[3]


The Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire provides the following information about Quintus Cervidius Scaevola:

Teacher of Papinianus and one of the leading jurists of the second century C.E, Cervidius belonged to the consilium principis of MARCUS AURELIUS and later taught Septimius SEVERUS. His Digest, begun under Marcus Aurelius, served as an invaluable textbook for later legal students, including his own opinion on the law.


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