Quintus Pompeius Sosius Falco

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Quintus Pompeius Sosius Falco (flourished 190s) was a politician of the Roman Empire, a consul and Roman Senator.

Falco was the son of Quintus Pompeius Senecio Sosius Priscus. He married Sulpicia Agrippina, the sister of Sulpicius Justus and Pollio Sulpicius, a Senatorial family whose origins lay in Lycia.[1]

Falco was consul ordinarius in 193 with Gaius Julius Erucius Clarus Vibianus, both of whom Emperor Commodus planned to murder and usurp their offices, then make a procession as sole consul and primus palus secutorum from the barracks of the gladiators. Knowledge of this plan, according to Dio Cassius, led to Commodus' assassination.[2] Afterwards Sosius Falco was offered the Imperial Throne by the Praetorian Guard, which he declined; however, he is known to have attempted a coup against Pertinax. Despite this, Pertinax spared his life.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Lucius Julius Messala Rutilianus,
Gaius Aemilius Severus Cantabrinus
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Gaius Julius Erucius Clarus Vibianus
Succeeded by
Lucius Fabius Cilo,
Marcus Silius Messala