Quintus Volusius Flaccus Cornelianus

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Quintus Volusius Flaccus Cornelianus was a Roman Senator who lived in the Roman Empire in the 2nd century.

Cornelianus was a member of the Gens Volusius. Little is known on his origins and life. He may have been a son or grandson of Quintus Volusius Saturninus, consul of 92.[1]

Cornelianus served as ordinary consul in 174 as the colleague of Lucius Aurelius Gallus during the reign of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. The name of Cornelianus is mentioned in a Roman Papyrus written between 193 and 197.[2] The Papyrus which is written in Latin and Greek discusses a list of soldiers in sub type of military unit perhaps as cavalrymen. The Papyrus was probably later reused as an envelope for a letter or a small object.[3]