Quirauk Mountain

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Quirauk Mountain
High Rock graffitti MD1.jpg
View from High Rock of Cascade, Maryland
Highest point
Elevation2,145 ft (654 m)
Coordinates39°41′47″N 77°30′46″W / 39.69634°N 77.51271°W / 39.69634; -77.51271Coordinates: 39°41′47″N 77°30′46″W / 39.69634°N 77.51271°W / 39.69634; -77.51271[1]
LocationWashington County, Maryland
Parent rangeSouth Mountain, Blue Ridge Mountains
Easiest routedrive

Quirauk Mountain is the highest point on South Mountain.[2] The 2,145-foot (654 m) peak is located in northeastern Washington County, Maryland. It lies just southwest of Fort Ritchie Military Reservation in the village of Cascade and about 1/2 mile southeast of the community of Blue Mountain. The Appalachian Trail and South Mountain State Park are about 1/2 mile to the west of the mountain's summit.[1]


On the summit is a broadcast tower for radio stations WETH-FM and WAYZ-FM (in Hagerstown)[1] and "Site C", a radio communication outpost of the Alternate Joint Communications Center, a United States Department of Defense emergency relocation site near Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania.[3] There is a fenced-in area of the mountaintop that is federal property and thus a restricted area.[4] Quirauk Mountain's broadcast tower was formerly used by radio stations WJEJ-AM and WWMD-FM.[5] A fire lookout tower also used to occupy the summit.[6][7]

About 1/2 mile to the west-southwest of the summit is High Rock (on the Appalachian Trail), which provides an excellent view of the surrounding countryside[8][9]


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