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Quizzo (also Quizo, Quizzmo, and QuizBo) is a pub quiz live trivia game, or online chatbot game for Live Messenger. The game is played in teams where each team attempts to answer the most trivia questions correctly. It was largely popularized in Philadelphia, beginning in 1995,[1] and since has become popular in cities across the United States.

Game play[edit]

Quizzo is typically hosted by a bar or church on a particular night of the week. Teams anywhere from one to ten or more players compete in a trivia game consisting of three to six rounds with 10 questions each, although this varies by venue. The questions asked can vary from academic questions to sports and entertainment questions. Answers are either written down on a slip of paper to be collected at the end of each round, or more recently at some venues by specially designed computer devices that are distributed to each team. At the end of the game the winning teams are determined and usually receive prizes, frequently credit at the hosting bar

Rule variations[edit]

The rules of Quizzo vary widely depending on the establishment hosting the event. Most variations include variable points per round, varied rounds which might consist of speed elements, visual or audio clues, multiple choice answers and so forth. Some quizzes allow "jokering", in which teams have the option of doubling the points in one round per game without knowing how well they have done in that round or what future rounds might hold.


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