Qunchupata, Ayacucho

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Qunchupata, Ayacucho is located in Peru
Qunchupata, Ayacucho
Shown within Peru
LocationPeru, Ayacucho Region
Area30.492,28 square metres[1]
DesignationNational Cultural Heritage of Peru, 1988[1]

Qunchupata (Quechua qunchu muddy, pata step, bank of a river,[2] "muddy step" or "muddy bank", hispanicized spelling Conchopata, also Qonchopata) is an archaeological zone in Peru. It is located in the Ayacucho Region, Huamanga Province, Ayacucho District. The site was declared a National Cultural Heritage (Patrimonio Cultural) of Peru by Resolución Directional Nacional No. 458-98-INC on December 15, 1998.[1]


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Coordinates: 13°09′23″S 74°12′28″W / 13.1564°S 74.2077°W / -13.1564; -74.2077