Qurayn Abu al Bawl

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Qurayn Abu al Bawl
Qurayn Abu al Bawl is located in Qatar
Qurayn Abu al Bawl
Qurayn Abu al Bawl
Highest point
Elevation103 m (338 ft)
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates24°43′04″N 51°02′51″E / 24.71778°N 51.04750°E / 24.71778; 51.04750Coordinates: 24°43′04″N 51°02′51″E / 24.71778°N 51.04750°E / 24.71778; 51.04750[1]
Mountain typeHill

Qurain Abu al-Bawl (also Gurain al Balbul, Gurain al Bâlbûl, Qurain Abul Bul, Qurayn Aba al Bawl, Qurayn Abā al Bawl, Tuwayyir al Hamir[2]) is the highest point of Qatar, with an altitude of 103 metres (338 ft). It is located south of the peninsula near the border to Saudi-Arabia.[3]


"Qurain" is interchangeable with "Qarn", the Arabic word which roughly corresponds to sandy, flat hillock. The second part of the name, romanized either as "Abu al-Bawl" or "Balboul", was chosen as the hill is thought to represent the shape of a traditional flat-shaped toy known as balboul.[4]

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