Qurnet Murai

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The necropolis of Qurnet Murai' is located on the West Bank of the Nile at Thebes, Egypt, just to the south of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna.

It was also used as a cemetery for officials of the New Kingdom administration in Thebes.

Tombs at Qurnet Murai[edit]

  • TT40 - Amenhotep-Huy, Viceroy of Kush; reign of Tutankhamen
  • TT221 - Hormin, Scribe of troops in the palace of the king on the West of Thebes; Reign of Ramesses III
  • TT222 - Heqamaatranakht called Turo, High priest of Monthu, 20th Dynasty
  • TT223 - Karakhamon, first ka(?)-priest, Late Period
  • TT235 - Userhet, High priest of Monthu, 20th Dynasty
  • TT270 - Amenemwia, wab-priest, lector-priest of Ptah-Sokar, 19th Dynasty
  • TT271 - Nay, Royal scribe, Temp. Aye.
  • TT272 - Khaemopet Divine Father of Amun in the west, lector-priest of the Sokar temple, Ramesside Period (Dynasty 20)
  • TT273 - Sayemiotf, Scribe in the estate of his lord, Ramesside Period
  • TT274 - Amenwahsu, High priest of Monthu of Tod and of Thebes, sem-priest in the Ramesseum in the estate of Amun, Time of Ramesses II - Merenptah
  • TT275 - Sebekmose, Head wab-priest, Divine Father in the temples of king Amenhotep III and Sokar, Ramesside Period
  • TT276 - Amenemopet, Overseer of the treasury of gold and silver, Judge, Overseer of the cabinet, Temp. Tuthmosis IV
  • TT277 - Amenemonet, Divine father of the temple of king Amenhotep III, 19th Dynasty
  • TT278 - Amenemheb, Herdsman of Amun-Ra, Ramesside Period (Dynasty 20)
  • TT380 - Ankhefen-Re-Horakhty, Chief in Thebes, Ptolemaic Period
  • TT381 - Amenemonet, Messenger of the King to every land, Time of Ramesses II
  • TT382 - Usermontu, First Prophet of Monthu, Time of Ramesses II
  • TT383 - Merymose, Viceroy of Kush, Temp. Amenhotep III

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