Quzhou-Lanke Cup

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The Quzhou-Lanke Cup is a Go competition in China.


The Quzhou-Lanke Cup is sponsored by the Chinese Weiqi Association and the Sports Administration of Zhejiang Province. As of 2011, it was the most prestigious Chinese tournament, paying 500,000 Yuan ($77,000) to the winner.[1]

Past winners and runners-up[edit]

Year Winner Score Runner-up
2006 Yu Bin 1–0 Gu Li
2008 Gu Li 1–0 Chang Hao
2010 Xie He 1–0 Jiang Weijie
2012 Meng Tailing 1–0 Tuo Jiaxi
2014 Fan Tingyu 1–0 Shi Yue


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