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R&H Hall plc is Ireland's biggest importer and supplier of animal feed ingredients for feed manufacturing through its extensive trading, purchasing, shipping and storage capability.

Company history[edit]

IAWS purchased two small feed trading businesses between 1988-1989 called Unigrain and James Allen. Another feed trading company R&H Hall plc was purchased by IAWS in September 1990 and at that time was a major acquisition doubling the size of the overall organisation. Founded in Cork in 1839 and quoted on the stock exchange since 1967, R&H Hall had a long established and well acknowledged record of service to Irish Agribusiness. All three companies were merged under the name R&H Hall, as this was the best known of the names.

Company location & Operation[edit]

The Group's trade and shipping capability gives it broad access to international markets and sources of supply. Ingredients are imported from twenty countries worldwide via its strategically located deep-water port facilities around the Irish coast; Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Ringaskiddy and Foynes.

R&H Hall also provides a specialised bulk cereal handling, drying, screening and storage service as well as an export capability.

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