Rádio Comercial

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Rádio Comercial
Broadcast areaPortugal Portugal - National FM
SloganEm casa, no carro, em todo o lado (English: At home, in the car, everywhere)
Frequencyseveral frequencies, change from geographical side to side
First air dateMarch 12, 1979
FormatNews, entertainment, hit music.
OwnerMedia Capital / PRISA

Rádio Comercial is a commercial radio station in Portugal aimed at young people and adults. It has a broad format including contemporary, pop and rock music. It is among the most listened to radio stations in the country.


Rádio Comercial was born on March 12, 1979, as a subsidiary of Rádiodifusão Portuguesa. The name was chosen because it was the only RDP station to allow adverts at the time. However, the station can trace its roots to Rádio Clube Português (RCP), a very important and influential station founded in 1930. RCP existed until 1975, when it was nationalized as part of the Carnation revolution. Then, the channel was swallowed into RDP, and was later privatized on March 31, 1993 to the Correio da Manhã newspaper, and later sold to Media Capital and PRISA. From that time until 2003, the station focused on rock music.




Current presenters and shows[edit]

From Monday till Friday

Time Show Presenter
7:00 Programa da Manhã Pedro Ribeiro, Vera Fernandes, Nuno Markl e Vasco Palmeirim
11:00 Wilson Honrado
14:00 À Tarde é que é Bom João Vaz
17:00 Regresso a Casa Catarina Miranda
20:00 TNT - Todos no Top Ana Isabel Arroja
22:00 Ana Isabel Arroja.


Time Show Presenter
7:00 Sofia Morais
10:00 Barulho das Luzes Catarina Miranda
12:00 PRIMO - Programa Realmente Incrível Mas Obtuso Nuno Markl e Vasco Palmeirim
13:00 Vanda Miranda
16:00 TNT - Todos no Top Pedro Ribeiro
18:00 Ana Isabel Arroja


Time Show Presenter
7:00 Sofia Morais
10:00 Marta Santos
14:00 João Vaz
18:00 TNT - Todos no Top (rep) Pedro Ribeiro
20:00 Vasco Palmeirim
22:00 PRIMO - Programa Realmente Incrível Mas Obtuso (rep) Nuno Markl e Vasco Palmeirim

Frequency (Rede Nacional de Emissores)[edit]

  • Alcácer do Sal: 97.4 FM / 96.8 FM
  • Aveiro: 90.8 FM
  • Braga: 99.2 FM
  • Bragança: 93.9 FM / 91.9 FM
  • Beja: 92.0 FM / 88.1 FM
  • Castelo Branco: 98.2 FM
  • Coimbra: 90.8 FM
  • Évora: 92.0 FM
  • Faro: 96.1 FM / 88.1 FM
  • Guarda: 96.1 FM
  • Guimarães: 99.2 FM
  • Leiria: 89.0 FM / 90.8 FM / 99.8 FM
  • Lisboa: 97.4 FM
  • Portalegre: 98.9 FM
  • Porto: 97.7 FM
  • Santarém: 99.8 FM / 97.4 FM
  • Setúbal: 97.4 FM /96.8 FM
  • Valença do Minho: 99.0 FM
  • Vila Real: 88.9 FM
  • Viseu: 88.7 FM / 90.8 FM

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