Rádio Expres

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Rádio Expres
City Multiregional
Broadcast area Slovakia
Frequency 32 different FM frequencies, available also on internet and selected cable providers
First air date 31 December 1999
Format Hot AC
Language(s) Slovak
Owner EMMIS International Holding B.V.
Website www.expres.sk

Rádio Expres is a Slovak radio station that broadcasts from Bratislava, Slovak Republic. It was launched in 2000. It is the most listened to radio in Slovakia.

Radio Expres is a multi-region (nationwide) commercial radio whose aim is to look after its listeners and commercial partners by regularly monitoring their various needs, and then meeting them in the most effective way. It is a modern and ready medium with a stable, leading position on the Slovak market.

The radio’s target group is defined to a certain extent by its basic programming focus on brief and quick news, a complete, strong traffic information service and music format with a strong emphasis on popular and tried and tested hits. As the first radio station in Slovakia, it began regularly testing its music archive and all newly played songs.

Radio Expres broadcasts via its own network of transmitters with coverage of 87.2% of the Slovak territory. The built-up network allows individual transmitters or groups to be disconnected from the main current and thus for specific news to be broadcast in a local (regional) area.

The 100% owner of the D.Expres a.s. company and holder of Radio Expres’s broadcasting licence has been the EMMIS International Broadcasting Company (USA) since 2007. D.Expres, a.s., together with its two subsidiary companies - Expres Media, s.r.o. (marketing and advertising space sales) and Expres Net, s.r.o. (technical support and transmitter operation) - employs over one hundred people.

Since its creation in 2000, the station has registered a record growth in popularity and in its listener base. At present,[when?] its nationwide listening rate exceeds 21%, which represents almost 900,000 listeners daily (MML-TGI SR 2007/II, Median SK).


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