Rádio Nacional

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Rádio Nacional
Type Public broadcasting
Country  Brazil
Founded 1936
Headquarters Brasília and Rio de Janeiro
Owner Brazilian federal government
Parent Empresa Brasil de Comunicação
Official website

Rádio Nacional (National Radio) is a Brazilian radio network belonging to the government-owned corporation EBC (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação, Brazil Communication Company), formerly known as Radiobrás.


The Radamés Gnatalli Auditorium in Rio de Janeiro, which belongs to Rádio Nacional.

The Brazilian system of public radio began to be assembled from the incorporation into state assets of the Rádio Nacional, a Rio de Janeiro-based station in 1936, by President Getúlio Vargas. In 1958, two years before the inauguration of new capital Brasília, Rádio Nacional Brasília was founded and in 1976 the FM version, Nacional FM was assembled in the same city. In 1977, the shortwave Rádio Nacional da Amazônia was created, covering much of Brazil with the aim of showing the Amazon culture to the rest of the country. In 2006, Nacional launched the Radio Nacional do Alto Solimões, covering municipalities of the Alto Solimões region of Amazonas state. The Rádio Nacional owns five radio stations and retransmit their programming to hundreds of broadcasters around the Brazil.

Rádio MEC[edit]

In 1936 the Rádio Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro was donated to the Brazilian government and renamed Rádio Ministério da Educação e Cultura (Ministry of Education and Culture Radio) or simply Rádio MEC. Later, the acronym was changed to Rádio Música, Educação e Cultura (Music, Education and Culture Radio). In 2008 the three stations of Rádio MEC was incorporated to the EBC radio networks, along with Rádio Nacional stations.

Rádio Nacional owned stations[edit]

Brazilian Federal District[edit]

  • Rádio Nacional AM Brasília (980 kHz) - Generalist station with speech-based programming, news, popular music and service to the Brasilia region.
  • Rádio Nacional FM Brasília (96.1 MHz) - Musical programming concentration on MPB, samba, instrumental, local artists and world music.

State of Rio de Janeiro[edit]

  • Rádio Nacional do Rio de Janeiro (AM 1130 kHz) - Generalist station with speech-based programming, news, sports and popular music.

State of Amazonas[edit]

  • Rádio Nacional da Amazônia (SW 11780 kHz and AM 6180 kHz) - Speech programming, news, music, radio drama and service to the Amazon region.
  • Rádio Nacional do Alto Solimões (AM 670 kHz and FM 96,1 MHz - Tabatinga region) - Seven daily hours with news, music, local culture and service to the Alto Solimões region, in network with Nacional da Amazônia for the rest of the day.

Rádio MEC owned stations[edit]

Brazilian Federal District[edit]

  • Rádio MEC AM Brasília (800 kHz) - In network with MEC FM Rio de Janeiro.

State of Rio de Janeiro[edit]

  • Rádio MEC AM Rio de Janeiro (800 kHz) - Musical programming with MPB, choro, bossa nova and instrumental music.
  • Rádio MEC FM Rio de Janeiro (98,9 MHz) - Classical music and news.

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