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Rádio Top 100 (originally Rádio Top 100 Oficiální) is the name of the Czech national airplay chart published by the IFPI Czech Republic on a weekly basis. Besides the main Top 100 record chart, also two component charts are effective. While the Rádio Top 50 features songs released exclusively by Czech and/or Slovak artists, the Rádio Top 20 Modern Rock list compils alternative rock tracks. Online versions of the charts are released at ifpicr.cz/hitparada, featuring Top 100, respectively Top 50 positions, depending on a chart release.[1]


  • Rádio Top 100 – official airplay chart
  • Rádio Top 50 – component airplay chart, featuring exclusively song releases by Czech and/or Slovak artists
  • Rádio Top 20 Modern Rock – component airplay chart consisted primarily of the alternative rock tracks
  • Singles Digital Top 100 – mobile music chart

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