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Location Grimsel, Canton of Berne
Coordinates 46°35′7″N 8°19′41″E / 46.58528°N 8.32806°E / 46.58528; 8.32806Coordinates: 46°35′7″N 8°19′41″E / 46.58528°N 8.32806°E / 46.58528; 8.32806
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Aar, Bächlis Bach, Gärstenbach, Bockbach
Primary outflows Aar
Catchment area 130.2 km2 (50.3 sq mi)
Basin countries Switzerland
Surface area 0.67 km2 (0.26 sq mi)
Max. depth 77 m (253 ft)
Water volume 25 million cubic metres (20,000 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 1,767 m (5,797 ft)

Räterichsbodensee is a lake in Guttannen, Oberhasli, Switzerland. The reservoir has a volume of 25 mio m³, a surface area is 0.67 km2 (0.26 sq mi) and is operated by Kraftwerke Oberhasli. It is connected to the river Aare.

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