Rédoine Faïd

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Rédoine Faïd
Born 10 May 1972[1]
Creil, France
Occupation Gangster
Criminal penalty 1998 sentenced 30 years
2005 sentenced 3 years
2011 sentenced 8 years
2013 pending
Criminal status 2009 released on parole
2013 in prison
Conviction(s) armed robbery, bank theft, attempted prison break, breaking parole
Escaped 13 April 2013
Escape end 29 May 2013

Rédoine Faïd (born 10 May 1972) is a French-Algerian gangster, considered France's most wanted criminal in 2013.[2] After his first robbery he fled to Israel and learned Hebrew to avoid prosecution.[3]


Faïd is the son of a Maghrebi immigrant.

In the mid 1990s, Faïd and Jean-Claude Bisel led a criminal gang that was responsible for armed robbery, jewel theft, and extortion in the Paris area. In 1997, seven of eight accused were tried for said charges (the eighth having fled to Algeria).[4] He was sentenced to 30 years, but was released on parole after ten years in jail.[3][5]

In 2009 he wrote a book, Braqueur: Des cités au grand banditisme,[6] about growing up in a life of crime in Paris' banlieues,[7] and claimed to have given up a life of crime.[8] However, he was the suspected mastermind of an armed robbery that claimed the life of a policewoman in 2010, and subsequently was caught after he broke parole conditions in 2011, which returned him to prison for eight years.[5][9]

On the morning of 13 April 2013, he broke out of the Sequedin prison, using explosives to blast through five prison doors, holding four prison wardens hostage during the escape and employing the use of a getaway car.[2] He then burned the car in Lille and left in another vehicle. The same day, a Europe-wide warrant was issued.[10] Faïd was arrested again on 29 May 2013, in a B&B Hotels in Pontault-Combault, Seine-et-Marne, France.[11]

Faïd has been influenced by American crime films such as Scarface, Reservoir Dogs and Heat.[7][6]


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