Régiment de Languedoc

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Régiment de Languedoc
Régiment de Languedoc soldier

The Régiment de Languedoc was a French Army regiment active in the 18th century. It is principally known for its role in the Seven Years' War, when it served in the North American theatre.


The regiment was formed on March 20, 1672, by the French King Louis XIV. The regiment was recruited in the Languedoc region of France. The regiment participated in most of the conflicts involving the Kingdom of France. It fought especially in New France during the Seven Years' War.

The regiment arrived in Quebec City June 19, 1755. These soldiers left immediately for Fort Saint Frédéric, and on the orders of Dieskau, push back the British troops to Lake George. After the battle, the regiment was sent to Fort Carillon, then under construction. The regiment was then sent towards the south and participated in the Siege of Fort William Henry. On July 8, 1758, the second battalion participated at the Battle of Carillon. In May 1759, they went to Quebec City where they participated in the defense of the city. They took part at the battles of Montmorency, Plains of Abraham, and Sainte-Foy.[1]

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