Régiment de Normandie

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Flag of Régiment de Normandie
Régiment de Normandie uniform in 1767

The Régiment de Normandie was created in 1616 from different military groups in Normandy by the Maréchal of France Concini, marquis d'Ancre and the favorite of the Queen Marie de Médicis.[1]

In 1745 it fought at the Battle of Fontenoy.

In 1776, its 1st and 3rd battalions formed the régiment de Neustrie.

In 1791, during the French revolution, it was renamed 9th régiment d’infanterie de ligne.


  • son of Concini
  • 1616 brother of Charles de Luynes
  • 1699 : Armand Desbordes, noble, lieutenant, of Colméry (Nièvre)
  • comte d'Angennes (+1717)
  • November 15, 1717 : Philippe Charles de La Fare (future maréchal)
  • July 1753 until February 1762 : Louis Nicolas de Péruse, marquis d'Escars.
  • February 1762 : Louis de Chastenet, comte de Puységur

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