Régine Deforges

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Régine Deforges
Régine Deforges.JPG
Régine Deforges (1996)
Born(1935-08-15)15 August 1935
Montmorillon, France
Died3 April 2014(2014-04-03) (aged 78)
Paris, France
Known forLa Bicyclette bleue

Régine Deforges (15 August 1935 – 3 April 2014) was a French author, editor, director, and playwright.[1]

Born in Montmorillon, Vienne, Deforges is sometimes called the High Priestess of French erotic literature. Deforges was the first woman to own and operate a publishing house in France. Over the years, she has been censored, prosecuted, and heavily fined for publishing "offensive" literature (Louis Aragon: Irene's Cunt).[citation needed]

One of her novels, La Bicyclette bleue (The Blue Bicycle), published in 1981, was France's biggest bestseller. In 2000, it was made into a television series. A story of love, obsession, and survival set during the turmoil of World War II, it developed into a successful series of seven books.[2][3] La Bicyclette bleue (The Blue Bicycle) would go on to cause a major international intellectual property court case. In the initial ruling, Deforges was found guilty of plagiarizing Margaret Mitchell's famous novel Gone with the Wind.[4] She won her case on appeal, and the ruling ordering her to pay damages was reversed.[5] She was formerly president of the Société des Gens de Lettres de France and a member of the Prix Femina jury. She lived in Paris.


Novels and short stories[edit]

  • O m'a dit ("O Told Me"), conversations with the author of Story of O (1975)
  • Blanche et Lucie ("Blanche and Lucie"), short story about her two grandmothers (Fayard, 1976)
  • Le Cahier volé ("The Stolen Folder"), short story partly inspired by a childhood spent at the École Saint-Martial de Montmorillon (Fayard, 1978)
  • Les Contes pervers ("Perverted Tales"), her first erotic work (1980), later adapted for cinema
  • La Révolte des nonnes ("The Nuns' Revolt", Fayard, 1981), adapted for television as L'Enfant des Loups ("Child of Wolves") in 1991
  • Les Enfants de Blanche ("Blanche's Children"), a sequel to Blanche et Lucie (1982)
  • Sur les bords de la Gartempe ("On the Banks of the Gartempe"), comprising Blanche et Lucie, Les Enfants de Blanche and Le Cahier volé
  • Lola et quelques autres ("Lola and a Few Others"), short story collection (Fayard, 1983)
  • L'Orage, ("The Storm", Éditions Blanche, 1986)
  • Pour l'amour de Marie Salat ("For Love of Marie Salat", Albin Michel, 1987)
  • Sous le ciel de Novgorod ("Under the Skies of Novgorod", Fayard, 1989)
  • Troubles de femmes ("Women's Troubles"), short story (Éditions Spengler, 1994)
  • Journal d'un éditeur ("An Editor's Journal")
  • Rencontres ferroviaires ("Railroad Meetings", Fayard, 1999)
  • La petite fille au manteau rose ("The Little Girl in the Pink Jacket"), short story in Chemin faisant, a collection of stories set on public transport (Le Serpent à plumes, 2001)
  • La Hire, ou la colère de Jeanne ("La Hire, or the Fury of Joan"), historical novel about Joan of Arc
  • Le collier de perles ("The Pearl Necklace", Albin Michel) ISBN 2-226-15510-4 / 2006 : Le Livre de Poche (LGF) ISBN 2-253-11767-6 / 2004

La Bicyclette bleue[edit]



  • Les Cent plus beaux cris de femmes ("The Hundred Most Beautiful Cries of Women", Cherche-Midi Éditeur, 1980)
  • La Chanson d'amour, petite anthologie ("The Love Song", Éditions Mango-Images, 1999)
  • Poèmes de femmes ("Poems by Women", Cherche-Midi Éditeur, 1993)


  • Léa au pays des dragons, ("Léa in the Land of Dragons", 1982)
  • L'Apocalypse de saint Jean ("The Apocalypse of St John", Éditions Ramsay, 1985)
  • L'Arche de Noé de grand-mère ("Grandmother's Noah's Ark", Éditions Calligram, 1995)
  • Léa au pays des dragons (réédition par Nathan, 1991)
  • Léa et les diables ("Léa and the Demons", Seuil, 1991)
  • Léa et les fantômes ("Léa and the Ghosts", Seuil, 1992)
  • Le Couvent de sœur Isabelle ("The Convent of Sister Isabelle", Seuil, 1992)
  • Les Chiffons de Lucie ("Lucie's Scraps", Éditions Calligram, 1993)
  • Les Poupées de grand-mère ("Grandmother's Dolls", Stock, 1994)


  • Les Filles de madame Claude (The Daughters of Mme Claude; director, 1980)


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