Réjane Magloire

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Réjane Magloire
Also known as Reggie
Born November 28, 1964
Genres R&B, opera
Occupation(s) Singer, model, actress
Labels Virgin Classics/EMI Records
Associated acts Indeep, Technotronic

Réjane "Reggie" Magloire (born November 28, 1964 in Zaire) is a singer, model and actress.

Early life[edit]

Magloire was born in 1964 in Zaire (which is now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo) but grew up in New York City. She studied Western classical music with heavy emphasis on opera singing.


As an actress, Magloire had early exposure on television in commercials and went on to play Samantha, a member of the Short Circus, on the TV series The Electric Company[1] from 1975 to the end of production in 1977. PBS stations continued airing reruns of The Electric Company through 1985.

In the early 1980s, Magloire went on to provide vocals for New York-based R&B group Indeep. After Indeep broke up, she released a few solo singles as Reggie, and, in 1989, a self-titled debut album using that moniker. She later joined the studio-based Belgian project Technotronic and appeared on its 1991 album Body to Body. In 2005, she released the solo album Forbidden Opera (Virgin Classics/EMI Records), a fusion of opera and contemporary R&B.


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