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Name dayNovember 10
Other names
Variant form(s)Arikan

Réka is an old Hungarian female given name from the 10th century. It is of Hun descent, originally being Rika, derived from the Turkic Arikan. Over time it changed into forms like Kreka or Rekam and eventually into Réka. Although it is very difficult to find an affectionate form, there are some which are commonly used, such as Rékuci, Réki and Rékus. Its Finnish cognate is Riikka. Reka is also the Slavic word for "river." Reka is also a Sanskrit name and a Maori name. In Maori, Reka means "sweet."

The first known bearer of this name was the legendary first wife of the Hun king Attila, daughter of the Hun prince Keve, mother of prince Csaba.

Name days[edit]

  • February 6
  • November 10

Famous bearers of this name[edit]