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Rémi Mathis
Rémi Mathis - AG WMFR 2012-05-26.jpg
Rémi Mathis, May 2012
Born (1982-11-20) 20 November 1982 (age 33)
Employer Bibliothèque nationale de France
Awards Wikipedian of the Year (2013)
recorded March 2013

Rémi Mathis FRSA, (born 20 November 1982) is a French historian, curator, and free-culture advocate.

Early life[edit]

Rémi Mathis graduated from the École Nationale des Chartes in 2007. The following year he obtained his degree from the National School of Information Science and Libraries.[citation needed]


Mathis was in charge of the library of humanities and social science at the Paris Descartes University from 2008 to 2010. Since 2010, he has been a curator for 17th century collections at the Department of Prints and Photographs of the National Library of France. He is the editor of the library's Nouvelles de l'estampe.[1] He is a member of the National Committee for French Engraving (fr) (French: Comité national de l'estampe).[2]

Mathis' research focuses on the 17th century, specifically Jansenism and diplomatic history. His dissertation, written under the supervision of Lucien Bély and Olivier Poncet, focuses on Simon Arnauld de Pomponne.[3] In 2012, he wrote a book about Pomponne and Robert Arnauld d'Andilly.[4] He has contributed to Papers on French Seventeenth Century Literature.[5]

Free culture advocacy[edit]

Mathis is active in promoting the legalization of freedom of panorama in France.[6] He also advocates against the privatization of the digitization of public-domain works.[7] His work in the culture sector and free culture movement has earned him the nickname "Janus de la transmission," by Le Magazine littéraire.[8]

He serves as President of Wikimedia France.[1] In April 2013, the French interior intelligence agency Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur (DCRI) pressured Mathis into deleting the French language Wikipedia article about the Military radio station of Pierre-sur-Haute, under threat of detention and criminal charge.[9][10] Later, the article was restored by another Wikipedia contributor based in Switzerland.[11][12]

He was named Wikipedian of the Year by Jimmy Wales at Wikimania 2013.[13]


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