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Studio album by Trust
Released 1980 (international)
Recorded 1979-1980
Genre Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Label Epic
CBS Disques
Producer Trust, Dennis Weinrich
Trust chronology
Trust I
(1979)Trust I1979
Repression (English version
(1980)Repression (English version1980

"Répression" is the second studio disc by the French hard rock/metal band Trust. It was released in 1980 (in France) and was dedicated to Bon Scott, the recently deceased lead singer of AC/DC; the English version was released to other parts of the world later in the year.

American thrash metal band Anthrax covered two of the album's songs; "Antisocial" on their 1988 album State of Euphoria[1] and "Sects" on their 1991 album Attack of the Killer B's.

Track listing[edit]

  • All Songs Written by Bernard Bonvoisin & Norbert Krief.[2]
No. Title Length
1. "Antisocial (Antisocial)" 5:00
2. "Monsieur Comédie (Mister Comedy)" 3:25
3. "Au Nom de la Race (In the Name of the Race)" 3:24
4. "Instinct De Mort (Death Instinct)" 3:40
5. "Passe (Walk Alone)" 3:45
6. "Saumur (Paris is Still Burning)" 4:51
7. "Fatalité (Pick Me Up, Pull Me Down)" 2:50
8. "Sors Tes Griffes (Get Out Your Claws)" 4:12
9. "Sectes (Sects)" 2:45
10. "Le Mitard" 5:14



  • Bernard Bonvoisin: Vocals
  • Norbert Krief: Guitars
  • Yves Brusco: Bass
  • Jeannot Hanela: Drums, Percussion

Additional Personnel[edit]

  • Bimbo Acok: Sax on track 7