Río Branco, Uruguay

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Rio Branco
Baron of Mauá International Bridge over Yaguarón River
Rio Branco is located in Uruguay
Rio Branco
Rio Branco
Location in Uruguay
Coordinates: 32°35′50″S 53°23′0″W / 32.59722°S 53.38333°W / -32.59722; -53.38333Coordinates: 32°35′50″S 53°23′0″W / 32.59722°S 53.38333°W / -32.59722; -53.38333
Country Uruguay
Department Cerro Largo
 (2011 Census)
 • Total14,604
Time zoneUTC -3
Postal code
Dial plan+598 4675 (+4 digits)

Río Branco is a city in the Cerro Largo department of northeastern Uruguay, on the Brazilian border.

The words Rio Branco mean "white river" in Portuguese. However, the name does not refer to any local river; it is a tribute to Brazilian diplomat José Paranhos, Baron of Rio Branco, who negotiated the definitive borders of Brazil and Uruguay. Hence the Portuguese name, instead of Spanish Río Blanco (although the city's name has an acute accent on the first word that is required in Spanish, but absent from the Portuguese spelling).


It is located at the east end of Route 26, about 86 kilometres (53 mi) east-southeast of the department capital city of Melo.


The Yaguarón River (Portuguese: Rio Jaguarão), which forms the natural border with Brazil, flows along the city's northern limits. Right across the river lies the Brazilian town of Jaguarão, with the Baron of Mauá International Bridge joining the two cities.


On 31 August 1915, the villa (town) previously known as Artigas was given its present name by Act of Law 5330.[1] On 1 July 1953, its status was elevated to a ciudad (city) by Act of Law 11,963.[2]


In 2011, Río Branco had a population of 14,604.[3]

Year Population
1908 4,106
1963 4,023
1975 5,685
1985 9,072
1996 12,215
2004 13,456
2011 14,604

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística de Uruguay[1]

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