Río Cruces Bridge

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Río Cruces Bridge
View of Río Cruces Bridge from Isla Teja
Coordinates 39°49′32″S 73°15′56″W / 39.8255°S 73.2655°W / -39.8255; -73.2655Coordinates: 39°49′32″S 73°15′56″W / 39.8255°S 73.2655°W / -39.8255; -73.2655
Crosses Cruces River
Locale Valdivia, Chile
Official name Puente Río Cruces
Maintained by Valdivia municipality [1]
Opened 1987

Río Cruces Bridge is a triangular bridge spanning Cruces River that unites Isla Teja from Torobayo, a sub-urban area of Valdivia. Together with Pedro de Valdivia Bridge (built in 1954) it allows connection from Valdivia to the coastal town Niebla. Before the opening of Río Cruces Bridge the main access to Niebla was via a ferry from La Mulatas to Torobayo. Other areas that benefited from the bridge were Punucapa and Curiñanco.